Sunday, November 30, 2008

Individual Health Insurance Not That Affordable Or Accessible

unknown wrote an interesting post today on Here’sa quick excerpt America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) has released a comprehensive survey of the individual health insurance market in this country, and has come to the conclusion that ...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Auto Insurance Company - Know The Rules Of Insurance

The auto insurance company provides you with coverage in case of accidents and bodily injuries to you, your passengers, and your car. When you purchase a vehicle, be it an old one or a new one, you need to have a policy drawn out on it.

One In Seven Organ Donors Concerned About Life And Health Insurance

Science Daily — According to a new review in American Journal of National life and accident insurance co, people who donate their kidney or part of their liver to help someone else may themselves encounter difficulty with life and ...

Insurance what's best for you

At sometime in our lives, we are approached by insurance agents selling us products that will result in a long term commitment which many of us are not very well informed at.

What Is Exotic Pet Insurance?

When pet insurance was first introduced in 1982 it was only for dogs and cats.

Four Accused Of Vandalizing Car For Insurance

BATAVIA—Four people have been arrested on charges they vandalized and then abandoned a 1995 Dodge Intrepid in a Genesee County field so they could split the proceeds from an insurance claim. The owner of the car, Donna M.

An Interesting Health-Insurance Program by Republicans? (Has ...

Health care coverage is going to be a major issue in the 2008 election.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Car Insurance - 7 Car Insurance Secrets You Should Know

III - AUTO INSURANCE INFORMATIONArticles and information about auto insurance explaining what is covered, how to process a claim and safety information.Source: Mercury Auto Insurance - Get a fast, free online car insurance ...

Auto Insurance FAQ

Am I required to have auto insurance? In the United States and Canada you are required to have car insurance if you operate a motor vehicle. What exactly is auto insurance?

Comment on Stock Trading Weekend - Nov 2, 2007 by Auto Insurance ...

Million Dollar Journey wrote an interesting post today on Stock Trading Weekend - Nov 2, 2007Here’sa quick excerpt As one of my favorite hobbies is stock trading, I follow quite the few stock trading blogs … ...

Term Life Insurance Vs. Permanent Life Insurance

by Bill Mason Choosing a life insurance plan is difficult; it takes a lot of time and research in order to ensure that all aspects are thoroughly examined before making a final decision.

Free Books On Insurance and Other Subjects

Browse Free Online Books and eBooks: A career in consumer economics and social insurance : oral history transcript / and related material, 1969-1971 by Huntington America's Children: Health Insurance And Access To Care by Margaret ...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Life insurance

As requested by one lovely reader, here's a post about life insurance. If you care at all for your family and for their financial well-being, you must have life insurance.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance. When you insure your home, you should insure your home for the total amount it would cost to rebuild your home if it were destroyed.

Low Cost Health Insurance Options: Make a Smart Choice

Health insurance provides people peace of mind when they themselves or their loved ones need medical assistance. A great health insurance gives nice coverage at an amount we can absolutely afford.

Short Term Health Insurance - Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance ...

Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Premiums Increased By 6.1% In 2007, Less Rapidly Than In Recent Years But Still Faster Than Wages, Inflation, Surv Employer-sponsored health insurance premiums increased by an average of 6.1% in 2007, ...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Comment on Health Insurance Provider Adds Program to Fight “L Word ...

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Car insurance for modified cars

A recent study by womens auto insurance comdadNew York SheIllinoisa’s Wheels establish that, of the 766 women drivers polled, three-fifths wore dark gLasses for their manner certificate rather than practicality and 1 in four had driven ...

boat discount insurance

We live in world that seems to require insurance for everything but probably the oldest type of cover is that surrounding sea going vessels or boat insurance.

Travel Accident Insurance Explained

Uncertainty is a part of life. What tomorrow holds in store nobody knows. However the risk of uncertainty can be reduced by insurance. This is especially true in case of travel accident insurance.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Techno- Marketing concept for Non-Life Insurance

Marketing, in its simplest form means arranging sale of product or commodity whereas technology relates to the intricacies of manufacture and usages of such product or commodity.

Texas Auto Insurance Quotes

Texas Auto Insurance Quotes By Ross Bainbridge In Texas, the law mandates that all vehicles must carry a full insurance policy.

What's your opinion on insurance through Sprint?

I bought a new Treo and wanted to get opinions on adding the insurance option through Sprint? Do you have it? Thanks, Rick.

The Importance of Travel Insurance - Good Travel Insurance is ...

Travel insurance is often disregarded particularly if one has health insurance.

The Scam of The Insurance Business

Don't get me wrong, I think ICBC (the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) is a Godsend and I'll forever be grateful to Dave Barrett who's Government established it in 1973.

Seven Tips for Selecting Long-Term Care Insurance

As the massive Baby Boomer generation braces for retirement, many are turning to long-term care insurance to prepare for potential age-related care.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

10 Easiest Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Bill in 2007

Happy New Year! As you begin 2007 with a renewed determination to improve your finances, take 10 minutes to analyze your auto insurance bill.

What Is Builders Risk Insurance???

Builder’s Risk (also known as Course of Construction) is a type of property insurance. It provides coverage for physical damage to the insured structure during the course of construction.

Flood Insurance 30 Day Waiting Period

Were you thinking about picking up some flood insurance after hearing the latest hurricane warning? Unfortunately, you will not be covered in time if the hurricane hits within the next thirty days.

Insurance is too expensive…

FROM NOTACOMMIE. So: it’s not just that we need universal insurance…there’s also a medical industrial complex keeping insurance WAY too expensive… Read it here.

The Optimal Amount of Insurance

My reading today took me to a speech made by current Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, delivered back when he was a Fed Governor.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Car insurance, House Insurance, Motor Bike Insurance

Drivers with six points or more on their licence looking for motor insurance could soon be viewed as ‘standard’ rather than ‘non-standard’ says Swinton, the UK’s largest high street motor insurance broker.

California Vs. Insurance

Thanks Kiwi NZ for the photo. Well it seems California has been hit again by the pulling out of a large residential insurance company.

Who Wants Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance?

Pay-as-you-drive insurance has caught the attention of insurance executives and consumers like few other financial product innovations.

Health Insurance - 5 Important Things To Know To Get The Best ...

In the past health insurance was provided by employers be they private corporations or the government. Recently this trend is undergoing changes as many employers opt not to provide health insurance for employees.

Insurance rates in Texas highest in the nation

What do you expect in a state run by Crony Republicans. Sure, the rates could be higher. Rates dropped when Perry made a show of doing something. Funny thing, though, the insurance coverage dropped along with the rates.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Should I Buy More Life Insurance From My Employer or Elsewhere?

If you need additional life insurance, are you better off getting it through your workplace or purchasing an outside policy? Our financial advisor discusses the benefits of both.

Pet Insurance - Is Dog/Cat Insurance Worth the Cost and Will it ...

If you’re familiar with my blog, you may have read my previous series of posts about my dog having torn her Cranial Cruciate Ligament - Read here: Treating a Torn/Ruptured Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) (Crucial Ligament) in Dogs (ACL) ...

Health Insurance Makes Me Mad

Forum: The Red Room Posted By: CheekyMonkey Post Time: 04-05-2007 at 12:05 PM.

CARSTAR announces new director of insurance relations; CARSTAR ...

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — CARSTAR Franchise Systems has announced Jason Clark as the new director of insurance relations.

Claim Home Insurance Owner

claim home insurance owner. Cheap Life Insurancecheap life insuranceAuto Insurance Law State Washingtonauto insurance law state washingtonIf you long for an amazing auto insurance law state washington , you have come to the right place.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You may need more insurance.

Anywhere you go in the US, your auto insurance will cover you should you get into an accident, but did you know that if you take a trip to Mexico and plan on driving, you will not be covered under your own US insurance?

Auto Insurance Policies and Definitions

What am I Paying for When I Buy Auto Insurance? Ask anyone you know the definition of automobile insurance, and chances are they will give you a simple answer like, “Paying for coverage in case you get in an accident.

Buying Private Health Insurance

A brief but helpful article on how to go about buying a private health insurance policy.

Outsourcing Insurance Operations

No doubt you’re well aware of an increasing trend to re-deploy certain insurance operations using outsourcing vendors.

Campground owner convicted of insurance fraud

After facing two felony counts of arson for more than three years, 42-year-old Richard Cornett on Thursday pleaded guilty to insurance fraud.

Insurance parity on mental illness

Insurance coverage is odd. It seems have trouble locating the brain. They must think brains are inaccessible, mystical creatures located far, far away.... perhaps on Mars?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What is An Insurance Agent?

An insurance agent represents an insurance company or insurer that pays the agent a commission for transacting business with the insurance company or insurer.

Phone Call from insurance company today

I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield of GA (BlueChoice PPO) through my work. Just got the pump in early Jan. They paid for it and supplies, 90%, and I met my yearly deductible ($500 in my case).

Health Insurance Quote On Line

Our website covers all the basics of health insurance quote on line - from beginning to end. We have gathered these resources to help you car classic insurance ireland northern as soon as possible.

Thursday CREW Webcast to Feature Insurance Expert Brian Sullivan

Thursday CREW Webcast to Feature Insurance Expert Brian Sullivan.

Insurance and FTM chest surgery?

I want to get chest surgery, but as I'm in college right now and neither I nor my parents have any money, it's currently not an option if I have to pay for it myself. However, I'm wondering if my insurance will cover it.,9483.msg68165.html#msg68165